I am in love with Humans. A passionate and visual storyteller. A memory keeper. I'm a roller coaster of emotions. Daily practicing courage and vulnerability. 

An endless work in progress.


Behind the camera 

A Filipina & Italian Creative dancing in between Photography, Design & Storytelling

My story starts with a camera on hand and a daily gratitude journal. I'm on a journey to create my most intentional life around purposeful projects around the world.

I'm a multidisciplinary and passionate Creative soul, and my expertise are rooted in two main fields:

  • Photography has been always my instinctive love language, it's how I tell and turn feelings, and moments into visually meaningful stories.
  • Design is how I make things happen: from creating strategic service concepts and guidelines, facilitating Design Thinking workshops, and running user searches on the field to building the digital user experience for end users.

After 7+ years of experience in the Design field working for international consultancies, agencies and banks, I'm currently freelancing as a Photographer and Designer following projects that light up my soul.

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Visual Storyteller

I haven't been seen around without my camera. As a way to express myself and speak open-heartedly through my photos, I hope to inspire you through the way I see Life.

I'm one of the founders of Forever & A Day, a collective of creatives focused on Weddings and life-moments documentation. I work as an independent photographer and content creator for agencies and brands creating visual stories of all kinds everywhere.

This is where I tell you how I make things happen.

I don't have a magic formula but in my experience, I've been eager to fuel my passion and intention in solving people and business challenges. From stepping back, understanding, and mapping the bigger picture, to take into consideration every aspects and element that will be impacted. I love connecting the dots and conducting in-depth user research to identify relevant and true human needs. Most of the time, I wear multiple hats and observe problems from different perspectives: from being a Strategic and Service Designer to a Product and UX Designer, experimenting, testing, iterating concepts and user-centered solutions. 

As a photographer, I truly find inspiration by observing every day's Life, capturing light and emotions in all forms and manifestations. Thorughrough the years, photography has been a deep part of who I am, helping me to find my own voice and tell stories. People, place,s and moments that crossed my path leaving me with a piece of eternity in a shot.

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."


Service Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Design Research

Strategic & Business Design

Organisational Design


Rapid Prototyping


Motion Design


Scrum & Agile Certificate - Scrum.org

App Design - CFP Bauern

Volunteer for SDD Barcelona



Italian, Tagalog, English, German (fluent)




Flowe (Mediolanum)

Milan, Italy  october 2021 - november 2022

As a Sr. Designer, I worked closely with the Product Owner and supported the whole Experience Team to translate vision into impact as fast as possible. I was leading and supporting the UX Team in core activities during the agile sprints.

Fjord, Accenture Interactive

Milan, Italy 2019-21

Designing complex service systems and digital products with a strong human-centered approach for a variety of industries.


Parma, Italy  2018/19

Crafting digital products in agile and design sprints,  leading user tests and in-depth user research for insurance and banking industries


Milan, Italy   2016/18

Designing service blueprints and CJ, conducting workshops, defining UX Strategy for retail, mobility, food & beverage companies


Munich, Germany   2016/17

Conducting user research on the field, defining UX/UI concepts for CX and Employee Experience for IoT and Smart Manufacturing industries

Let's make

it happen. 

Thanks for scrolling, I look forward to inquiries or collaboration. If you'd like to know more about me or my works, drop me an email to [email protected]

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